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About Us


In 1978, Dr. Josimar Salum, the founder of Youseph & Daniel Inc, began his professional career in business accounting and management. Carrying with him a track record of more than 35 years of experience, he now serves the community with his extensive knowledge and family/business-oriented services.


Having resided in the United States since 1997, Dr. Salum has greatly assisted countless individuals, businesses and churches within the realm of professional accounting and consulting, including but not limited to the areas of tax preparation, management, administration, leadership, societal change, human resources, finances, operations, sales and marketing.


His expertise comprises a large spectrum of creative and strategic thinking thanks to extensive reading and hands-on experience with a multitude of topics such as company startups, communications, leadership development, family counseling, conflict resolution, Kingdom education/teaching, community transformation, business and spiritual leadership mentoring, youth entrepreneurship and poverty eradication here and in many third world countries.


In 2013, after noticing an ongoing increase in demand regarding a lack of professional accountants in the community, Dr. Salum opened his firm “Youseph & Daniel Inc” named after the two biblical personages and role models of Joseph, an administrator/accountant, and Daniel, an administrator and manager of public affairs. 


Youseph & Daniel Inc provide professional accounting services specializing in income tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks services. Among other services, Y&D are glad to serve the community with auditing, business startups and setups/consulting, church setups/consulting, full payroll services, professional translations in English, Portuguese and Spanish, notary services and immigration assistance.



The most basic and most common form of Accounting Services is bookkeeping. Bookkeeping involves the proper recording of a company's transactions on an ongoing basis. These records are an essential part of any successful business.


With years of experience behind our backs, we can help you reach your full potential in both your professional and personal life. We make it our mission to guide you every step of the way, protecting what is most precious by making the correct financial decisions that avoid unnecessary spending and/or loss of what you have worked for.


Youseph & Daniel Inc work on strategic, planning and problem solving, "aindingto" clients develop business skills and responsible financial knowledge. With many years of experience and the expertise to guide you through various markets, we can help you every step of the way.


Income tax preparation, bookkeeping, tax exemption for churches and non-profit organizations


In many states, you are now required by law to have a worker's compensation policy as part of the requirements when opening your business. We have worked with many insurance agencies and audit officers and are more than capable of advising you on how to proceed when the time comes for your audit.

Our Servces



"This has been a fantastic decision! The knowledge, promptness in responding and effectiveness has truly saved me time and money over the years. I recommend this service to all that are looking for an end to end tax and accounting provider."

Renan Argollo 

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